China Thick Gauge Thermoforming Manufacturer

MaxForming is a contemporary enterprise that seamlessly blends research and development, design, production, sales, and service. Our specialization lies in the manufacturing of a diverse range of thermoformed products made from thick sheets.

Our state-of-the-art factory is outfitted with an array of advanced equipment including automatic plate drawing lines, large-scale thermoforming machines, thick plate punching machines, CNC post-processing units, and five-axis linkage machining centers. This robust infrastructure ensures precision and efficiency in both sample production and mass manufacturing.

Our team comprises seasoned mold technicians, equipment operation specialists, product designers, and managers with extensive factory experience. This enables us to deliver rapid and accurate prototype production as well as large-scale mass manufacturing.

We handle a wide range of thermoforming projects, from thick gauge thermoforming for high durability to thin gauge thermoforming for cost-effective production. However, Our core product line also includes thermoforming plastic sheets such as thermoforming ABS sheet, thermoforming Polycarbonate sheets, PETG thermoform plastic sheets, thermoforming PET sheet, thermoforming PVC sheet, etc.

At MaxForming, we have the capability to produce a wide variety of professional products such as custom plastic thermoformed trays, thermoformed food trays, thermoformed plastic shipping trays, TV back shells, toy car shells, air energy shells, car luggage, car interior accessories, medical device shells, charging pile shells, and cultivation basins. We are a dedicated production and processing company committed to delivering quality and excellence.

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