Custom Thermoforming Cup Holder Panel

SKU Custom-Thermoforming-CupHolderPanel

Material: ABS/PC
Size: As client requested
Color: Multi-color options
Logo: As client requested
Process: Thick-gauge thermoforming
OEM Service: Yes

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What decorative trim and covers of a car can be thermoformed?

Thermoforming is a versatile process widely used in the automotive industry to create various decorative trim and covers. Here are some examples of car parts suitable for thermoforming, categorized by their location:


  • Door panels: Thermoformable plastic is used for decorative trim pieces, armrests, and speaker grill covers on door panels, offering design flexibility and affordability.
  • Instrument panels: Some decorative elements like climate control surrounds or air vent covers can be thermoformed, allowing for complex shapes and customization.
  • Center consoles: Cup holder inserts, decorative trim, and armrest covers are often thermoformed due to their cost-effectiveness and ability to create intricate shapes.
  • Air ducts and vents: Decorative grilles or covers for air ducts and vents can be thermoformed, offering design freedom while maintaining functionality.
  • Floor mats: Certain decorative elements or logos on floor mats might be thermoformed, particularly in custom designs.


  • Bumper fascias: Some non-structural elements like grilles, fog light surrounds, and air vents on bumper fascias can be thermoformed, but the main structure requires stronger materials.
  • Exterior trim components: Fenders, side skirts, mirror covers, and other decorative exterior trims are commonly thermoformed due to their lightweight nature and design flexibility.
  • Vehicle protection components: Wind deflectors, mud flaps, and mudguards can be thermoformed due to their affordability and ability to be customized with logos or designs.

Additional points to consider:

  • Material choice: The suitability of thermoforming depends on the desired properties. ABS plastic is common, but other materials like polypropylene or TPO might be used for specific needs.
  • Safety regulations: Ensure the thermoformed parts comply with safety regulations regarding strength, impact resistance, and flammability.
  • Functionality: While thermoforming allows for complex shapes, ensure the design doesn’t compromise the functionality of the underlying component.

Remember, thermoforming is a cost-effective option for decorative trim and covers, but it might not be suitable for structural components due to strength and safety considerations.

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