Thermoformed Plastic Parts

Thermoformed Plastic Parts Work Flow

This streamlined process ensures the production of high-quality thermoformed products tailored to your specifications.


You may supply us with 3D drawings or physical samples of your product. Our system is compatible with a variety of drawing viewing software, including PRO-E, UG, AUTOCAD, and SOLIDWORKS. We accept several drawing file formats such as CAD, IGS, STEP, STP, and PDF. In the event that you only have product samples and no drawings, provide the samples for duplication to generate the necessary 3D drawings of the product. This will ensure we accurately capture all the details of the product.


To receive a detailed quotation, if applicable, you submit the following information in your inquiry:

1. Product Dimensions: provide the length, width, and height of your product.
2. Material and Molding Thickness: Specify the material used and the thickness of the molding wall.
3. Surface Treatment: Describe the desired surface finish or treatment.
4. Minimum Order Quantity: Indicate the minimum number of units you wish to order.
5. Color: Provide the Pantone number for the color of your product.
6. Additional information: Include any other specifications such as shipping preferences, packaging requirements, intended application, tax considerations, and any other pertinent details.

This information will enable us to provide you with an accurate and comprehensive quotation.

Warm Tips

Kindly note that due to the semi-automatic and rough processing nature of the thermoforming process, thermoformed products often have uneven thickness and edge R-angles. This is a characteristic of the process, and customers should be aware of this when choosing this process. The dimensions and aesthetics of thermoformed products may not be as strictly refined as those of injection-molded products. Therefore, it is not appropriate to use the standards of injection-molded products for inspecting thermoformed products.

For an accurate evaluation and timely quotation, customers are required to provide 3D drawings or PDF files of the product to us. This will enable us to understand your product specifications better and provide you with a precise quote.

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